Securing peace through togetherness

Institut für Kulturanalyse e.V.

The institute is an independent and non-profit non-governmental organization.
It supports public and private institutions and individual parties involved in a conflict in their endeavor to develop methods that avoid failures in communication leading to destructive responses.


The Institut für Kulturanalyse e.V. was founded in 1989. Its work is based on the consideration of experiences of substantial political, socio-economic, and cultural changes, as well as of experiences of violence, flight, and destruction for which society has not been able to take responsibility so far. Rather, the impact of these situations continues to act as vestiges of another time. These problems turn more explosive when historical divisions of one society affront those of another society as (global) societies progressively become more democratized and demands for equal participation in economic, social, and cultural resources emerge. Sometimes such clashes lead to self-destruction and the destruction of others, preventing people from being able to imagine a future at all. The basis of all the institute’s work in educational policy is to deal with these conflict situations in a theoretical and methodical manner. The focus is placed on researching and elaborating the question of how lasting implacable conflicts can be transformed into discursive and symbolic conflicts so that individual, intra-societal, and cross-societal interests can be negotiated.

The aim is to secure a working culture in our and other societies in order to make the future imaginable again.

„It is not enough to change the world.
That’s what we are doing anyway. And to a large extent, it is beyond our control. What matters is that we interpret this change, so we can change it. And so the world does not continue to change without us, ultimately becoming a world without us.”

Günther Anders