Our solutions

Work on peacekeeping and the transformation of violence and conflict in (global) societies shaped by “radical simultaneities”

When we go to childcare and educational institutions and public administrations, we work to set up social transitional spaces in order to maintain the various social tensions in balance. By this we mean protected spaces - coaching and 1:1 supervision - in which we work at a technical level (teaching institution-relevant topics). In addition, we focus our attention on disruptions, disturbances, or destructions, more precisely on situations that are difficult to endure such as stress, insecurity, and excessive demands. Together, we try to perceive these situations, which inevitably arise, to grasp their significance and to transform them into agreements that rest on our ability to reach a mutual understanding.

Together with the religious philosopher Klaus Heinrich, we assume that gender tension is at the center of conflict and peace research:

„No civilization would be conceivable without gender tension. It is that which makes the species capable of remembering, that which makes the species capable of acting; it is the model of all tensions. It is, so to speak, the material from which the moving life of the species is made.”