Our team

The institute’s work is based on the consideration of experiences of substantial political, socio-economic, and cultural changes, as well as of experiences of violence, flight, and destruction for which society has not been able to take responsibility so far.

Evelyn Bader


Dr. Renate Haas
Project management

Email: haas[at]kulturanalyse.org

As an ethnologist and pedagogue, she has worked for more than 30 years on making difficult-to-resolve conflicts accessible for reflection in (educational) institutions, focusing on peoples’ experiences and their dimensions of experience. The challenge in terms of theory and method, which is posed again and again, is to translate for everyone involved the yet unspeakable into words.

Maria Lorenz
Project assistant

Mathematician. For 15 years, she has worked for a number of different non-profit associations in the areas of project controlling and accounting. She has been working for the Institut für Kulturanalyse e.V. since 2012.


Selcan Sümer
Project assistant

Dialog marketing specialist. She has been assisting management and project management in organizational and administrative tasks since 2015.

Research associate

Anna Maier
Cultural scholar. She has worked in cultural education and independent youth work since 2017.

Research associate

Dr. Susanne Enderwitz
Scholar of Islamic studies. Member of staff (lecturer, research associate, university assistant) at the Institute of Islamic Studies of the Free University of Berlin since 1984; with a number of stays abroad (Paris, Jerusalem). Starting in 2002, professor of Islamic studies/Arab studies at Heidelberg University. Regional emphasis on Iraq (Middle Ages), Egypt/the Levant/Northern Africa (modern times).

Research associate

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Lorenz Wilkens

Religious scholar and theologian. He has worked for the Institut für Kulturanalyse e.V. (among others) since 2001.
Core topics: origin and situation of the early church, religion, and secularization, philosophy and society, art and religion. In addition, he participates in initiatives fostering the Jewish-Christian dialog with speeches and written papers.

Research associate

Neïl Belakhdar
studiert Philosophie und Arabistik. Für das Institut arbeitet er als Dolmetscher und Übersetzer für die Sprachen Französisch und Deutsch.