Transforming violence and conflict through cultural work


Staff working at institutions and organizations is in need of special skills to enable them to effectively manage (potentially violent) conflicts that may arise between societies, both locally and internationally. An institution’s or organization’s (dis)ability to properly perceive and deal with these conflicts, which may seem unresolvable, and then present them back to the parties involved in the conflict in a manner reconcilable with all of them has a lasting overall impact on society.

About us

The institute is an independent and non-profit non-governmental organization. It supports public and private institutions and individual parties involved in a conflict in their endeavor to develop methods that avoid failures in communication leading to destructive responses.

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Our solutions

When we go to childcare and educational institutions and public administrations, we work to set up social transitional spaces in order to maintain the various social tensions in balance.

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Our coaching sessions

Share stories, understand conflicts, foster togetherness This coaching session is directed at childcare institutions, schools, companies with and without trainees/apprentices, public administrations, and national and international organizations for development cooperation.

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Model Project

Intercultural transitional spaces

Intercultural transitional spaces is a model project through which we work on expanding the communication possibilities of different groups.


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